Welcome to Woodman Hill Orchard

Closed for the season. Opening again September 2024.




We are a pick-your-own micro-orchard serving the city of Vergennes, Vermont and all surrounding towns in northern Addison County. The orchard has over 300 trees and several popular varieties to choose from. All apples are IPM grown using the latest techniques from the University of Vermont and Cornell University.



   Winding down the 2023 orchard season.

Even for an abbreviated season, these past few weeks have flown by! This coming weekend – Oct 21st & 22nd – will be our final weekend of the season. 

We still have some nice apples in the orchard, though supplies are dwindling. And if you’d like to stock up on apples for baking or cider, we continue to have both utility and cider quality apples available. 

This will also be your last weekend to grab fresh-pressed cider and cider donuts! Both freeze well, if you want to extend the flavors of the season. We find donuts will keep in the freezer for a couple months, whereas cider will last in the freezer for a long time without losing flavor or quality. We suggest giving us a call if you’re interested in larger quantities of either. 


Apple blossom spring 2023.


2023 Growing Season Update

As you may have heard, a brief but effective cold snap in the wee hours of May 18th caused extensive crop damage throughout the region.  We are grateful that some fruit survived, though we will have a few different ‘grades’ of apples to sell this year. We do have some beautiful fruit available and expect we will sell through that quickly. We will also be offering ‘utility’ apples, which have a little frost damage on the skin, but are otherwise perfect for cooking and baking, as well as ‘cider’ apples, which have a fair bit of frost damage on them and are likely best suited for cider pressing (though could certainly be used for cooking and baking as well). Utility and Cider apples are priced at a discount, with greater discounts available for bulk purchases. 


Apples 2023 frost ring damage.

 What we’re picking…

We’re currently picking Cortland, Liberty, Macoun and Empire apples. First quality apples are in short supply though we have plenty of utility and cider apples available. Drops are also available. 



Red Free Apples

Over 9 varieties of Vermont grown apples available throughout the season.

We have nine popular varieties of apples to choose from – Honeycrisp, Rogers McIntosh, Thome Empire, Red Cortland, Macoun, Liberty, Sweet 16, Redfree and Red Rome.

Apples are both pre-bagged and pick-your own.

We also have limited amounts of peaches in August and pears in September.

Please call or check our website to see what we’re picking as availability changes throughout the season.

Best orchard ever! Great variety of fruit, easy to pick for the kids, super friendly and knowledgeable owners, delicious homemade cider donuts, fair price, and super fun deals!

Delicious apples, easy picking, very friendly owners! Wonderful apple butter, too.

Great folks, lovely location, and most importantly, delicious products!