We have nine popular varieties of apples to choose from - Honeycrisp, Rogers McIntosh,Thome Empire, Red Cortland, Macoun, Liberty, Sweet 16, Redfree and Red Rome. Apples are both pre-bagged and pick-your own. We also have limited amounts of peaches in August and pears in September. Please call or check the home page to see what we're picking as availability changes throughout the season.

We also have apple drops available at a discounted price. A heat processing step is recommended for drops, such as making into jelly or applesauce.



Come try our fresh pressed cider! Cider is made by pressing several varieties of apples from our orchard, so each batch is unique. We press regularly throughout the season, which is always fun to watch and even better to sample! On a chilly day, you may even catch some of our delicious mulled cider to keep you warm while picking. Cider available while supplies last.