Apples and More

Crabapple Jelly


We have nine popular varieties of apples to choose from – Honeycrisp, Rogers McIntosh, Thome Empire, Red Cortland, Macoun, Liberty, Sweet 16, Redfree, and Red Rome. Pre-picked and pick-your own options are available. We also have limited amounts of peaches in August and pears in September. 




Come try our fresh pressed cider! Cider is made by pressing several varieties of apples from our orchard, so each batch is unique. On a chilly day, you may even catch some of our delicious mulled cider to keep you warm while picking. Cider available while supplies last.


Handmade Cider Donuts

Nothing says ‘Fall’ quite like a cider donut! Ours are made from scratch with an old Vermont recipe handed down to us. We roll, cut and fry them by hand. Its labor intensive, but they sure are delicious! Available weekends only, so swing by and get ’em while they’re hot!


Orchard Made Jams and Jellies

Try some of our delicious jams and jellies, all made right here from fruit grown in our orchard. Tart Cherry Jelly, Peach Jam, Crabapple Jelly and Apple Butter are just some of the yummy options we offer. Great for gifts…though we bet you’ll want some for yourself too!