Welcome to Woodman Hill Orchard

Apple season is just around the corner!

Look forward to seeing you in September 2021! 

We are a pick-your-own micro-orchard serving the city of Vergennes, Vermont and all surrounding towns in northern Addison County. The orchard has over 300 trees and several popular varieties to choose from. All apples are IPM grown using the latest techniques from the University of Vermont and Cornell University.



Hello friends and neighbors!

Thanks for a wonderful 2020 picking season! 

We enjoyed sharing our little orchard with you and hope we were able to  contribute a little joy and yumminess to your lives last Fall. 

The apples are growing and we are busy getting ready to welcome you back to the orchard. Continue to check back here and follow us on Facebook for updates in the coming weeks, including when we’ll be open to customers in September 2021.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Growing Season Update – June 27, 2021

(A few highlights since we closed up shop last fall…)

Neighboring farmers made orchard cleanup a breeze for us last year by taking the last our dropped apples for livestock feed. The winter came with plenty of tree-pruning as usual, followed by our annual burn. May brought a beautiful “snowball” bloom and lots of hard-working bees! Spring and summer are focused on mowing and monitoring, encouraging orchard friends like bees and ladybugs, and discouraging pests like apple-scab fungus and fireblight. We also spend a fair bit of time these days obsessing over weather and hoping we get enough rain! 


What we’ll be picking…

Despite a spotty bloom period this past spring, we had a heavy fruit set and look forward to accommodating a whole lot of visitors this Fall!

At this point, we plan to have the following varieties available. Obviously this is subject to the wiles of Mother Nature and whatever may come over the next two months of the growing season.

Apples – HoneyCrisp, Cortland, Liberty, Macoun, McIntosh, Thome Empire, and Redfree.

Pears – Limited quantities of Bartlett and Red Anjou.

Peaches – TBD!



Red Free Apples

Over 9 varieties of Vermont grown apples available throughout the season.

We have nine popular varieties of apples to choose from – Honeycrisp, Rogers McIntosh, Thome Empire, Red Cortland, Macoun, Liberty, Sweet 16, Redfree and Red Rome.

Apples are both pre-bagged and pick-your own.

We also have limited amounts of peaches in August and pears in September.

Please call or check our website to see what we’re picking as availability changes throughout the season.

Best orchard ever! Great variety of fruit, easy to pick for the kids, super friendly and knowledgeable owners, delicious homemade cider donuts, fair price, and super fun deals!

Delicious apples, easy picking, very friendly owners! Wonderful apple butter, too.

Great folks, lovely location, and most importantly, delicious products!